PART I - Dispelling the Judeo-Christian Myths


Man (Hue-Man), Adam & Eve, Satan’s deception, Punishment, Consequence, Cain & Abel, Race-Mixing, Noah & the Flood:

A. Was Adam Yahweh’s first creation?

    1. Gen. 1:26 --- first creation.
    2. Gen. 1:28 --- first creation multiplies.
    3. Gen. 2:7 --- Yahweh forms man from dust & breathes ‘breath of life’ into nostrils.
    4. Gen. 2:15 --- Adam is placed in Eden to keep it.
    5. Gen. 2:19-25 --- Yahweh searches for a suitable mate for Adam. None were found…Eve is created.
    6. Gen. 4:14 --- Cain tells Yahweh "..whoever finds me will kill me."
    7. Gen. 4:16-18 --- Cain is banished to Nod where he marries and has Enoch, and builds a city in his son’s honor.
B. Did Eve eat an apple?

    1. Gen. 2:16-17 --- Yahweh tells Adam from which trees he may have fruit from.
    2. Gen. 3:6 --- Eve sees that the forbidden fruit is desirable. They both eat.
    3. Gen. 3:7 --- They realize they are naked for the first time.
    4. Gen. 3:14-19 --- Yahweh punishes all parties: Adam, Eve, and the Serpent.
    5. Gen. 4:1 --- The results of the ‘apple eating’ are revealed.
C. Cain vs. Abel, Evil vs. Good....Was Cain and Abel from Adam?

    1. Gen. 4:1 --- Cain is born….a manchild came from the woman.
    2. Gen. 4:3-5 --- Yahweh favors Abel, disregards efforts of Cain.
    3. Gen. 4:8 --- Cain kills Abel.
    4. Gen. 4:25 --- Seth is born to Adam and Eve.
    5. Gen. 5:3 --- Seth was of Adam’s likeness
    6. 1 John 3:12 --- Cain is from the evil one.
D. Noah...the last decent Adamite.

    1. Gen. 6:1-3 --- Yahweh’s creations mix w/the offspring of men.
    2. Gen. 6:7 --- Yahweh wishes to destroy all because of such wickedness.
    3. Gen. 6:8 --- Noah and his sons are favored by Yahweh.
    4. Gen. 7:1 --- Noah is seen as righteous to Yahweh...
E. The Ark, the animals, the flood.

    1. Gen. 6:14 --- Noah is commanded to build the ark.
    2. Gen. 6:15-16 --- Instructions on the construction of the Ark. 1 cubit = 18 inches (later reference as well).
    3. Gen. 6:18 --- Yahweh establishes His covenant with Noah.
    4. Gen. 7:2-4 --- Instructions on how to take the clean and the unclean. Clean 7 and a mate =14, unclean 2 and a mate =4. Birds 7 and a mate =14.
    5. Josh. 24:2-3;14 --- proof flood was NOT world wide.
    6. Gen. 8:20 --- Noah releases the animals, except those he sacrifices to Yahweh.
    7. Gen. 9:1 --- Ham, Japeth, and Shem fill the land with Adamic people.


Old Testament: was written for Israelites not Jews. Jesus: not a Jew. Baptismal was not created by Jesus. Jews are NOT the Chosen People. Jesus did NOT come for all. Literal verses??

      A. Who was the Old Testament written for? Did Jesus ‘do away with’ the Old Testament?

    1. Gen. 5:1 --- Clearly states who the Old Testament was written for.
    2. Matt. 15:24 --- Jesus states who He has come for.
    3. John 8:56-59 --- Jesus reveals He knew Abraham and that He is the I am (YHVH).
    4. Matt. 4:14-16 --- Jesus fulfills prophecies of Isiah. ** -- one of many examples.
    5. John 5:39 --- Jesus says it is the Old Testament that speaks of Him.
    6. Col. 2:14 & Eph. 2:15 --- Paul tells both that it was ORDINANCES that were done away. ** -- ordinances were the feast days, sacrifices, and offerings . These were the Old Testament (prior to Jesus’ dying for our sins) ways of forgiveness. ** -- AIT reference Chapter 2
      B. Was Jesus a Jew?

    1. Matt. 2:23 --- Jesus was a Nazarene geographically.
    2. John --- The whole Book of John is Jesus telling the Jews that they are not of Him and He is not one of them.
      C. John the Baptist

    1. Matt. 3:6 --- John the Baptist is Baptizing people.
    2. Matt. 3:8-12 --- Jews wish to be Baptized. John let’s them know how he feels and of their impending doom. **-- parallel with B. If Jesus were a Jew like those wishing to be baptized before Him, then why did John the Baptist not admonish Him?
    3. Matt. 3: 13-17 --- Jesus is Baptized by John. Through John, Jesus’ life is revealed to Him.
      D. Jews being Yahweh’s Chosen, ABSURD!

    1. Deut. 7:6-8 --- A people are chosen.
    2. Matt. 15:24 --- Jesus has come for His lost sheep of the House of Israel
    3. John 10:24-30 --- Jesus outright tells the Jews "...because you are NOT of My sheep ".
    4. Gen. 17 --- Yahweh makes a lasting covenant with Abram. He changes Abram’s name to Abraham. Gives him a son with Sarah (formerly Sarai), Isaac. The covenant his passed to him.
    5. Gen. 25:21-26 --- Rebekah and Isaac have twins, Esau and Jacob. ** -- Esau was born with red hair, first account of this.
    6. Gen. 25:30-34 --- Just as the Lord told Rebekah, Esau now serves Jacob. Esau sells Jacob his birthright for a bowl of soup.
    7. Gen. 26:3-5 --- Yahweh re-affirms His Covenant with Isaac and his children.
    8. Gen. 27:6-29 --- Rebekah tells Jacob to bring Isaac’s meal first, so as to fulfill Yahweh’s message to her before the birth of her twins (Gen. 25:23). Jacob has now claimed Esau’s abandoned birthright (Gen. 25:31-33).
    9. Gen. 28:13-15 --- Yahweh re-affirms His Covenant with Jacob.
    10. Gen. 29, 30:1-21 --- Jacob’s relations with Leah, Rachel, and Rachel’s maid Bilhah and Leah’s maid Zilpah. These are the recording of Jacob’s children. (heirs to the Covenant). Rueben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun (these six by Leah), Joseph, Benjamin (these two by Rachel), Dan, Nephtali (these two by Bilhah), Gad, and Asher (these two by Zilpah). (Gen. 35:36-26)
    11. Gen. 35:9-13 --- Yahweh changes Jacob’s name to Israel and re-affirms His Covenant yet again with him.
    12. Gen. 35:9-13; Duet. 7:6-8; Matt. 15:24; Matt. 10:24-30 --- Established who Israel is, Yahweh’s Covenant with them, Yahweh has an elect people, Jesus is for them and only them, Jesus tells the Jews that they are not Israel.
      E. Is the Bible to be taken literally?

    Some parts yes, some parts no. Don’t just take one verse and derive a whole theory from it. Read the entire chapter to see what the character, prophet, disciple, Christ, or Yahweh is saying. Some parts are literal, some parts are figurative and make references to other parts in the Bible. We will look at two example:

        1. Matt.. 16:23 --- Christ tells Peter "..Get thee behind me Satan.." Was Christ really saying that Peter was Satan? Of course not. If we read the entire chapter we will learn that Christ changed Peter’s name from Simon Barjona to Peter. We also learn that Christ bestows upon him one of the greatest responsibilities a soul can have in the Kingdom of Heaven..he is made the ‘Gate Keeper’ of Heaven. What happens next? Christ then tells his disciples that he is going to Jerusalem to be killed and then be raised on the third day. Peter’s response to this is found in verse 22. Christ’s response is in verse 23. Who is Satan? Satan was Yahweh’s most beautiful, beloved Angel. Satan was Yahweh’s right hand man. Satan tried to overthrow Yahweh. Satan was cast out of Heaven, given dominion over the Earth, and given his own world (Hell). Here you have Peter, who was just basically made Christ’s right hand man, who now seeks to "REBUKE" Christ. Christ references Peter to the likes of Satan as a stern warning. So, verse 23 is not to be taken literal.
        2. John 8. Here we have an entire Chapter of Christ arguing with the Jews (Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducess). The Jews keep telling Christ that they are of Abraham (grandfather to Israel). Christ indulges them. He shows them that if they were truly of Abraham, they would believe Him and not do Him harm. But what is his final retort to them? John 8:44 "..You are of your father the devil.." The entire Gospels of the New Testament is full of Christ telling the Jews who they came from and what their purpose is on Earth. We can conclude from prior scriptures that John 8 is to be taken literally!
Food for thought: read 1 Cor. 5 (ponder that) then read Matt. 16:1-12. If you need the verses, click here.

Supplemental Information: Was Jesus Christ a Jew? by Dr. Wesley A. Swift, Click Here.


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